Friday, December 2, 2016

Leather Bow Ties

The bow tie a fashion staple and many times in the past perceived as an intellectual man's choice of wears, whether true or not that was how this fashion staple came across. The main type of wears of the bow tie were typical professors, doctors, finance men and so on. Some speculate it may have been due to the complicated nature and skill it took to successfully tie a respectable bow tie. Although they do come in three standard types a clip on, pre-tied, and self-tied.

Fast forward to current day and current standers, this accessory has had an uprising in some untraditional ways from wood to leather and a ton other that I am probably not currently aware of at this point. We see them more and more at cocktail parties, nights out on the town and so on. From male to female it has become a go to and a very sexy one at that. I must admit in my younger days I thought it quit nerdy on guys, but then becoming a rather large nerd myself my perception of the afore-mentioned took a 360 turn. Now a huge lover and actual wearer of the Leather Bow Tie I have eaten a ton of crow.
  Now being of what some may possible call alternative style, the adornment of spikes and skulls on the bow tie are a must and want. It may be because of all the punk rock music, 90s movies and a great need for faux leather anything in my wardrobe one may never know.
Whether you choose a leather bow tie or wooden one you are sure to look awesome. It is very simple to make yourself as well check out this video on how to make a leather bow tie.
We hope to see you in one and will buy you a nice beer or cocktail whatever your choice of poison is. Cheers fellow bow tie wearers.
Love The Odd Portrait   

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday Weekend Update

Greetings again, been awhile, so how was your Black Friday Weekend madness? A lot happened here in Las Vegas, aside from the crazy lines, which form up earlier and earlier each and every year, we had an actual murder in our sister city Reno. Too bad to hear about all the chaos which is why I did online only this year, and was very happy with the results.

We did a 20% off store-wide sale on our site over at The Odd Portrait including such little gems as these Mermaid Skeleton Earrings and more. But it is not easy running a business this time of year, and let me share with you a little bit about what it takes to make all of this happen.

What I did learn from last year is to start earlier with the promotions and design. Not only do you have to get your web store setup to handle a discount and the traffic, but accompanying graphics and logos have to be made as well. Load up Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and a few others and either have at it or outsource your idea's depending on the time you have. You can not just use last years , and if you are not comfortable designing your own, it can take tons of time and hours of YouTube videos to learn how to get it just right.

The toughest aspect of it all is getting that message out there to as many people as possible. You can not just throw up a sale and expect everyone on the internet to know about it, so you have to go out and promote it. Much like passing out flyers in the good old days, you have to lay out the groundwork and hit the ground running. Hitting up every social media platform is only the beginning, and an entire day can go by before you realize only a handful of people might actually be seeing your post before it is lost in a sea of kittens, meme's, and political incorrectness.

It is very difficult to pay for ad's that you are not sure of if they work. It makes sense to spend $100 on marketing and ad's if that returns you a profit, but you have to target so many demographics, and keywords, that unless you have data built up over time, it does get discouraging if that money does not convert into sales.

Is my website slow? Are my products easy to order? Do customers even like this stuff? So many doubts can arise, and lead you astray in your mission, but as a business owner I can assure you this, stick to your vision and dream, and just keep improving upon it. Just because something does not work it does not mean to do a 180 and change your plan completely. This just leads to more failures, as it is in all of the little adjustments which make the change. Go with what you believe in and tweak it slightly until you get it right. And keep building up those followers and be loyal to your fan base.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday shopping

The Odd Portrait

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Top Indie Brand Designers

Fun quick video we did that highlights fashion fusion and the best new indie brand designers. These are some of the top inspirational raw talented artists and designers we saw around that moved us, so we made a big list about it hopefully you find something worth your while !

This was a quick little video we wanted to add to support the cause featuring Las Vegas model Cyn from The Union House at Downtown Las Vegas.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ultimate Mermaid fashion guide

All that You Need To Be A Mermaid
This late spring the drifting of #mermaiding has hit the fan. The incredible scale of accessible mermaid extras and choices are bounteous and terrific. From the wonderful mermaid crown to parade around your next pool gathering or music celebration to the mermaid skeleton hoop that can be shaken anyplace whenever. Be a mermaid and make a few waves at your next summer occasion. When you ascend out of the water and do your mermaid hair flip it will be o such a great amount of better with your shell top. Mermaids dependably have a ton of fun. Release us down the rundown and help you locate your ideal mermaid decorate for your mid year period of separating.
I experienced childhood in the 1980's and the importance and influence I grew up with the watching little mermaid was monumental. From the minute I saw it each time I entered the water I got to be one. On the off chance that you were not into the Little Mermaid what about Splash. Yes one with the blondie sensation Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. That pre 90's as it turned out in 1984 however seeing as it was one of only a handful few mermaid movies it stayed present in our souls quite a while. Presently I am not in truth a mermaid you may for may not find that an odd revelation, but rather seeing as how their are real expert mermaids out there. Yes that is correct I said proficient mermaids I know you most likely are asking why the hell fire am I doing what I do when I can be that a mermaid. Truly cool regardless of the possibility that you are not consider exchanging callings.
So number one on the rundown must be the mermaid swimsuit. It is shell molded creatively colored goodness for your boobs. It fun summer and well extremely mermaidish its an unobtrusive approach to express your inward mermaid while still keep up a solid intense design edge. Margarita Mermaid has some excellent ones which you can likewise get on Dolls Kill. Shell formed swimsuit bottoms cover your benefits in shell molded goodness that is lovely as well as complimenting to your derriere too. Click on the photo to shop each of these spectacular things.

mermiad bikini shell bottom
Presently you might be conscious of this all things mermaid brand, yet in the event that you anticipate mermaiding this late spring they are an unquestionable requirement online go to stop for you. Presently as noted above you can shop them on the Dolls Kill webstoree or go straight to their site which has Neptune's bounty of choices for you to pillage through. Here are some of my most loved ones that they have up now, which I am biting the dust to get my nimble little mermaid hands on.
This is your definitive last stop destination for the full mermaid change. It doesn't get cooler or realer than this. Mike Van Daal based out of Michigan and has been making the most renegade and custom mermaid tails around. Each and every one is hand made, as in every single scale and detail are carefully created and collected.
Structure fitting to your lower middle, you truly do get to be Ariel here. These are the highest point of the line business tails that exclusive the most expert Mermaids are seen in. As said by Mike himself "Here is A review of my most recent silicone tail in the completing procedure! Totally luminous, and changes shading each point you take a gander at it! More pictures to come soon. This tail has more than 36 layers of enhance with Photoshop, and 16 unique hues were utilized to make this brilliant impact!
He makes two diverse tail plans, both are produced using the most elevated quality silicone, with included spandex network threw inside for quality. The tails have a custom incorporated mono-balance worked with the fluke that gives energy to swimming in the water. Value range $3,500 - $5,700 for these Ferrari's of the ocean.
For The Bling Mermaid Gal
Here are two more emerge ones with a bit of bling shimmer to add a little sparkle goodness to your pool shoreline sprinkling and playing. Radiate through the swarmed ocean of two-piece clad angels with these one of a kind emerge styles . Be careful you may get the envious young lady glares in these bathing suits simply be prepared....
Baby_Ariel,mermaid bikini
Presently the embellish part not a pool shoreline going lady no stresses for there are courses for you to get your mermaid design on without getting wet or being in the pool. Tr our greatest merchant the Mermaid Skeleton dangle stud. It is spectacular glory for your pool outing. It is odd and great all in the wrapped in one. Not into skulls and skeletons well how but rather something else like say a mermaid crown? Some hand painted shell hoops? A painted star fish accessory? Well why yes this simply happen to be a piece of our mid year gathering and commitment to the mermaiding development. Yes we do genuinely mind and our here to help your each design from odd to boho to rocker we got it all we cherish the burners as well..
Here at The Odd Portrait in the event that we are going to do the look, let us leave no scale un-turned. These stunning mermaid skeleton darlings are the ideal embellishment that are ideal for the greater part of your fishy circumstances. These little jewels dangle and swivel and catch a considerable measure of consideration. For day or night wear, this tiny bit of clothing can have all the effect and convey some odd fun design to a generally ordinary outfit. These fortunes of the profound roused us to experiment with a couple of various approaches to wear them and even ventured to make a choker with this as the centerpiece.
Step by step instructions to boho mermaid
Well since we adore all things mermaid we have thought of our own mermaid extras for that extreme boho mermaid look. Will you be setting off to a music celebration pool or shoreline gathering or all to damnation you simply need to do an insane fun design shoot as we do these mermaid crowns will or can be your go too for some standout wow summer pictures and style. We cherish style and we began this brand out of a need for things we adored yet could or would not spend the measure of cash for or simply plan couldn't locate those exceptional things to express our inward form strangeness or emerging of the mass swarmed ocean of individuals. Here are a couple of our late spring gathering new pieces beyond any doubt to help you get your mermaiding on.... My undisputed top choices are our new mermaid crowns which we have two in now and up on our site and just $34 which is an executioner bargain for these unique high quality shell encrusted headpieces. They are fit as a fiddle of a tiara and site upon your head in that style with two small little searches on either end for some staying put power and backing.
Need something somewhat more inconspicuous simply include sprinkle of mermaidness, well what about a hand painted ocean shell or star fish neckband for your mermaiding adventure and needs. These novel exceptional pieces will add that small something additional to your mid year design closet. Just in and a portion of our new summer accumulation the ideal summer adorns. Since they are all hand painted they are exceptional. We have brighter and strong hot pink and green ones to more milder inconspicuous all pink to pastel shades. We have both long and short which both run well with other included neckbands.
Pastel handpainted star fish necklace
More on Mermaiding Summer fun
A debt of gratitude is in order for taking an the time and giving us the opportunity to entertain you. We are continually upgrading our items and blogs, with substantially more to come, in the event that you might want to keep up simply go ahead over to our web journal and give us a like.

Healing Stones and Their Properties

Healing Stones and Their Properties
gemstone jewelry
Mending properties of gemstones and precious stones have been utilized for a huge number of years, old developments have utilized gems to discharge mental, physical and otherworldly blockages. The cell level of our bodies are both comprised of mineral silicon-dioxide, which can make us open to the vibrations of precious stones as they transmit and store light. On the off chance that a gems is put straightforwardly the body, they have an intense vibratory impact that can go from the precious stone to you.
Stones have been utilized for centuries to bolster passionate and physical parity. A few societies that were found to have utilized these minerals, pearls, and precious stones were:
The Romans
The Egyptians
The Chinese
The Japanese
These stones have stunning magnificence as well as normal mending power. Not just do they make the best boho rocker chic frill yet permits you to reach your internal earth goddess style and they serve a great many years of customs in being down to earth also. How about we see what some of these stones are and what they can.
Healing stones
The Amethyst stone is a violet assortment of quartz. There are a wide range of assortments of quartz, a few of which are semi-valuable gemstones extending in shading and different variables. They have a precious stone structure. They have a place with the trigonal precious stone framework. They an ideal for gem making and wearing and are exceptionally looked for after semi valuable gemstone. The excellent purple tone of the stone is because of illumination, iron contamination’s.
It is regularly found with an unmistakable to white translucent twirling design with straightforward to translucent tints from lavender to a ruddy violet shading. Amethyst deciphered from Greek means not inebriated. Mending properties and what it is utilized for:
It is connected with numerous legends in regards to its utilization for moderation and dependence
It is said to anticipate bad dreams
Ease cerebral pains
It is said to be a purifying stone that purges the feelings in this way assisting with Clarity and Healing
Aura Quartz healing ston crystal_
Emanation Quartz
The Aura Quartz has a gleaming luminosity and metallic rainbow sheen in hues. It is really an amazing stone attracting numerous to it and not able to oppose its regular magnificence. This stone is mixed with a variety of various metals, for example, gold, silver, titanium or platinum making its one of a kind radiant sheen. This stone has an increased vitality beacuse of the catalytic procedure that bonds the diverse metals into the quartz.
This Stone is considered to have these mending and otherworldly properties:
Helps in reinforcing atmosphere insurance
Helps in assisting with traumatic experience of any level
The Aura Quartz speaks to conquering battles.
They are said to convey an abnormal state of Life Force,
Purifying and upgrading the organs
Fortifying the safe and vitality frameworks
Useful for the thymus, pineal and thyroid organs
They are said to help in aiding oxygenating the blood, and for medicines of the liver, pancreas and spleen
Citrine choker
Citrine Stone
Citrine is a straightforward to translucent stone that has a yellow to earthy orange tone. It is a shiny yellow assortment of quartz. It is additionally allude to as the Success Stone. This stone has a brilliant vitality. In addition to the fact that it is crude precious stone like excellence captivating and stunning it has numerous ascribes and helpful properties to it, for example,
Achievement and flourishing
It is said to increment, amplify and elucidate individual force and vitality in this way fixing self discipline
It can battle negative vitality of any sort by separating them and disseminating them.
It can upgrade mental clarity, certainty.
It is said to wipe out fears of being judged or of others’ thoughts
You can fashion citrine stone into some fashionable style
It is an upbeat stone said to convey bliss to the person who wears it.
It can elevate the soul and balance misery
This is a cheerful upbeat stone which can bring you much achievement and looks pretty darn stunning as well
The Amazonite Stone
The Amazonite stone not just has the quieting lovely shades of the sea however the same quieting impacts also. This stone is a translucent to misty stone that can differ from green to pale blue green in shade. It was named in 1887 after the Amazon waterway. Amazonite is found in a couple of areas around the globe. Russia’s Ilmen Mountains was thought to be the main source, until late disclosures were made in the USA (Colorado and Virginia), Australia, Madagascar and Brazil.
It was worn as gems in pre-Columbian South and Central America, and was accepted to have embellished the shields Amazonians, the female warriors thought to live in the tenth century B.C. They utilized Amazonite restoratively too. So it is said.
Mending and different properties of Amazonite are:
It is said to help in beating depression
It pieces geopathic stress, retains microwaves, PDA radiations, and ensures against electromagnetic contamination. You ought to place it close PCs and different hardware.
It is thought to give you certainty
It is said to help with upgrading imagination
It is said to relieve and gives a feeling of solidarity with life
It is additionally guaranteed to be a good fortunes stone
The ideal stone for any boho chic free lively nonconformist soul to wear about their neck or for only anybody to put in their pocket and keep around for good fortunes or spot on their desk.Keep your feeling of quiet and the sentiment the sea with you at all times with this wonderful stone.
lemurian quartz
Lemurian Seed Quartz
This stone is found with edges and spaces. it can come in hues, for example, a pale pink or orange because of hematite. It is initially found in Brazil however different areas incorporate different territories of the Himalayas including Tibet, Russia, Zambia and the USA.. These precious stones were left for us to use by an exceptionally propelled development. These precious stone have a rich history and are rumored to help you to recover data about the old progress of Lemuria.
Alternate angles and helping recuperating properties of this precious stone are:
It is said to help one interface with their soul and comprehend himself better
They are stones that can possibly induce profound sentiments inside you, keeping in mind they can be utilized by precious stone healers, they are basically a device for chipping away at yourself.
They speak to association and astuteness
the ideal stone for somebody on a self investigation venture attempting to discover parity and unity with oneself
orange calicte
Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite is a murky stone that is tangerine to orange in hue.It is regularly found with profound cocoa spots. The properties of this stone make it a standout amongst the most broadly and adaptable utilized minerals. It usually is observed being used to be utilized as a development material, rough, farming soil treatment, development total, shade, pharmaceutical and the sky is the limit from there.
Different utilizations on the otherworldly and recuperating level would are said to be
Equalizations feelings
Takes away dread
Can help in assisting with gloom
It can be utilized to get positive vitality moving in the ranges of sexuality
It moves imagination by making one more confident=ndent
It can arrange one’s contemplations
It permits one to draw out the novel nature inside one’s identity
It speaks to Comprehension and Originality
boho dark agate
black agate
Dark Agate Stone
The Black Agate Stone is a characteristic semiprecious gemstone. It can here and there be alluded to as dark onyx. Most likely one of my undisputed top choices stones. Agate is a standout amongst the most well-known materials utilized as a part of the specialty of hardstone cutting and has been recouped at various old destinations, demonstrating its across the board use in the antiquated world.
This stone has numerous characteristics and supportive mending capacities and helps from:
Drawing in favorable luck
Expanding clarity and focus
Helps in defeating fears, defects and even depression
It can advance positive attitude
It is said to evacuate misfortune
It can give quality and fearlessness
It is said to be a decent stone for use while pregnant
It is an entrancing stone with much detail. It is ideal for the Dark Hippie style sort.
druzy rainbow quartz
Rainbow Titanium Druzy Quartz
The Rainbow Titanium Druzy otherwise called or alluded to as the “Fire Aura” and “rainbow air quartz”. It has been improved with a blend of titanium and niobium. Quartz Crystals are one of the best recuperating gems since they are said to store, transmit, and open up vitality. Druzy is the sparkling impact of little precious stones over main a beautiful mineral. At the point when the Druzy has titanium on it, this includes cobalt, purple, or different rainbow hues.
Not just does this stone have an enamoring entrancing impact because of its sparkly rainbow high-roller it likewise is said to:
Supply quality and vitality
Clears up the brain
It can quiet a tensed personality for making life push free.
Since it has such solid nearness it is a superb stone to wear about your neck for an uncommon event because of its strong magnificence.
Recuperating Stone Jewelry
Cleaning and keeping care for your leather fashion can be pretty easy and straightforward as we already had previously completed this article for easy reference on keeping leather clean for the easy do it yourself types
Since we adore finding new things to join in our journey and have an incredible wellspring of these delightful stones from neighborhood vendor Silver Post U.S.A. We have been propelled to include and naturally develop our mending stone geode accumulation. Molding these stone into New Bohemian Style Choker Necklaces and pendant pieces of jewelry is turning into the heart of our gathering. With an interminable supply of motivation from the crude and characteristic magnificence mother earth has given from these semi-valuable gemstones we are certain to include increasingly.
May you discover mending and success and internal peace from your stones. Stay free and shake on.
For more designs, fashion, and our odd insights be certain to check The Odd Portrait’s Blog

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rock The Band Tee

As of last night we were going through my husbands closet sorting through getting rid of his many out dated clothing items. Even though he fought me tooth and nail over those old double denim JNCO floor sweeper jeans from 1999, it got me thinking as shirt after shirt I shook my head and motioned to the no way get rid of it now pile. In a loving kind way of course. If you are at all familiar with us and this site you would know of our passion and love for music from 90's grunge 70's rock to punk rock and a plethora more of course. We have wanted to make a site that encompassed all of this with our handcrafted items. So to the point this got me thinking of the power of the band tee. It never goes out of style you can not really go wrong it shows who and what your taste in music is and let's face it unless it is a Hanson tee (if you are a 90's kid you would know this was the mmmbop 3 brother band that was a flash in the pan band ). Ok an NSYNC tee too although I may give a dude mad props for rocking that it would actually be kinda funny, but at the end of the day it is going to be bye,bye, bye. See you can not go wrong even with a bad band most people would find it amusing am I crazy?
Anyways shirt after shirt the words out dated and douchy kept being called out as we went through my husbands closets, but the band tees were all keepers. Every single one was a hell yes put that in the keeper pile, why do you not wear that more often. How many ways can you rock the band tee? 
Let's find out. This will be a two part blog with first giving the many options of rocking a band tee for the gals first then the second blog will be for the guys.

Tee's For The Chica's

We will do summer time options seeing as how it is summer. Believe it or not but a band tee and maxi skirt are a great casual go to option. It is perfect for a night out with friends to a dinner date or your summer music festival.  It has an effortless edgy easy girl feel not as in easy to get in bed, easy as in she we do not take two hours to get ready. Even though you may. There is a couple of tricks to keep the look flattering unless you are pin thin you could look a bit boxy depending on how you style it or how your band tee or tank is cut. Tying it in a knot in the front or back, can show off the curve of your waist or if your are comfortable showing your tummy go the way of the crop top band tee or tie your knot higher in the center. For this look here I tied my trapeze Aerosmith tank in the back, and paired it with a black sheer 'm' slit maxi skirt with shorts built in. It is comfortable and so perfect for summer. We added our black leather fringe rocker bag with our spiked out strap to bad ass it up.   

The Band T & Maxi Skirt

More Band Tee Outfit Options

The classic band tee and jean or cut off shorts look. The perfect festival or just plain everyday rocker summer fashion staple. You can do it as in the all powerful band tee with bell bottoms to skinny jeans, from destroyed and tattered to dark and light wash. You can tie it in a knot if it is a looser one or rock the fitted band tees and tanks. Personally I like the fitted ones better for my body shape and size but that is just me do whatever floats your boat. This is fashion made simple and easy and always looks great. It makes a statement of who you are and what you like. I would avoid people who wear Slipknot tee shirts as it warns me that they may be a serial killer or just someone that may not entirely be sound of mind I know not to judge a book by it's cover but sometimes there are some warning signs and that may be one of them lol. Here are some denim and band tee rocker boho festival fashion concept outfit ideas. 
Going vintage for this rock it 70's style look with paired a hippie flare jean and a
Guns and Roses tank with a flower crown
for that ultimate hippie feel and our oversized leather fringe boho bag.

The Band Tee & Boyfriend Jean. We knotted this band tank in the back and added a black vintage belt. Paired with our black leather obsidian arrowhead choker and our signature logo leather fringe rocker bag.

A Rolling Stones T shirt paired with some cut offs a plaid flannel shirt wrapped around the hips for that good old fashion 90 's fashion feel topped of with our red flower crown, long leather fringe cuff and handcrafted leather rocker tote bag.

The Pencil Skirt Band Tee Rocker Outfit

The mighty power of the faux black leather pencil skirt. O how I love you pencil skirt. Having grown up watching Grease it has always had a deep rooted place in my fashion style. It is a classic and will never die a fashion death or be out of style. I love this because it a casual way to rock the pencil skirt and in a edgy more rocker style. Initially the pencil skirt was kinda the bad girl skirt while all the good girls were wearing the flouncy poodle skirt the bad asses like Rizo and Cha-Cha were tearing it up fashion wise. It does not have to be faux leather especially if you are wearing it in summer. My legs felt like they were going to melt off into a puddle of a green wicked witch acidic waste who just had a bucket of water thrown on her. 10 minutes outside in Las Vegas shooting in the dead of summer with this thing on was uncomfortable. Try a denim one or any solid color that is breathable fabric and save the pleather for fall. Fashion tip of the day that you already probably knew but hey you never know.

The Suede Mini & Band Tee

The suede button front mini is another classic staple that has been around since the 60's with it being hot in 70's and with frequent comebacks in fashion on and off since then. It is a classic hippie boho staple that most boho rocker fashion gals will already have in their closet. You can do faux or real genuine suede and either buy vintage or new. Go hunt one down in used thrift stores or shop online and in the mall. We put our faux suede mini with a Guns & Roses tee shirt which we knotted in the front to give a more flattering look paired with some studded clogs which are by the way some of the most comfortable shoes ever. Add some turquoise accessories for a more boho splash to the look. We added one of my personal collection pieces of flat turquoise and white stones that I made. We also paired it with our black leather rocker clutch that is up on our site.
There you have it ladies all the many ways to kick fashion ass while rocker your personal favorite bands tees. Have a great fashionable summer and rock on..      

Staying Fresh and New with New Years Day

Not all band T-shirts have to be some nostalgic throw back to yesteryear. Bands that your moms and dads got drunk and stoned seeing and possibly conceived you at really just shows you might be trying to be trendy. Wearing an Eagles Tee without even knowing a band members name? Lame and you may be called out on it.
Nothing says that you are in the now than staying somewhat current and fresh with new cutting edge and trending artists and bands. None other comes to mind than New Years Day out of Hollywood California.
Led by the fierce and soulful vocals of Ash Costello backed by the thunderous chops of guitarist Nikki Misery they have some great new band T shirt designs. It will keep you one up on the competition and keep people guessing. Nothing is more complimentary to your style and what you wear than imitation. You can check out their shop over at New Years Day Merch  Aside from coming out with some ass kicking new music they are some down to earth good hard working people that do it for their passion and have gotten to tour with acts such as Marilyn Manson and Rammstein ! Sure you can find them at Hot Topic and the like but nothing helps out the artist like going direct to them. 
Check out our fashion Band T shirt Video on Youtube over this way