Friday, December 2, 2016

Leather Bow Ties

The bow tie a fashion staple and many times in the past perceived as an intellectual man's choice of wears, whether true or not that was how this fashion staple came across. The main type of wears of the bow tie were typical professors, doctors, finance men and so on. Some speculate it may have been due to the complicated nature and skill it took to successfully tie a respectable bow tie. Although they do come in three standard types a clip on, pre-tied, and self-tied.

Fast forward to current day and current standers, this accessory has had an uprising in some untraditional ways from wood to leather and a ton other that I am probably not currently aware of at this point. We see them more and more at cocktail parties, nights out on the town and so on. From male to female it has become a go to and a very sexy one at that. I must admit in my younger days I thought it quit nerdy on guys, but then becoming a rather large nerd myself my perception of the afore-mentioned took a 360 turn. Now a huge lover and actual wearer of the Leather Bow Tie I have eaten a ton of crow.
  Now being of what some may possible call alternative style, the adornment of spikes and skulls on the bow tie are a must and want. It may be because of all the punk rock music, 90s movies and a great need for faux leather anything in my wardrobe one may never know.
Whether you choose a leather bow tie or wooden one you are sure to look awesome. It is very simple to make yourself as well check out this video on how to make a leather bow tie.
We hope to see you in one and will buy you a nice beer or cocktail whatever your choice of poison is. Cheers fellow bow tie wearers.
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