Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rock Apparel Fashion and Accessory Guide

The Rocker Jacket

Let's start this out right away with my favorite part the jacket, this is the basis for this whole look. I just love and adore the faux leather moto jackets. So many great ones to choose from. I narrowed it down to these for you all.
I recommend slowly stocking up on these. This is the one item I love to have choices on. It seriously makes your look. You can do the no collar to a more bucked motorcycle style. You can do a cropped one which will give you more of a shape as it shows off your waist  if you pair with a fitted top. They range in price you can find some great ones from $30 +. Not a big fan of any bright colored ones I would suggest staying in the monotone color pallet from greens to grays to white or burgundy and black. If you do like a bit more color you could do an electric royal blue that would pair good with a white tee and black jeans.
There are so many ways to spice up and stylize a jacket that you buy for cheap. Back in the 70's most up and coming musicians, artists, and fashion whores found most of their items at second hand stores or as hand-me-downs. Most of the accessories and rules they applied still hold weight today. Safety pins, patches, stitching, all of this can be done easily and for little to no cost. The real ideology behind everything is really making it your own statement and style. Punk rock, and the movements that came before and after were all about expressing an individuality and your own voice. It was not buying the same pop band at your local Hot Topic or wearing cheap made in China bracelets. The real innovative and unique looks came out of desperation and love. Creativity and imagination above consumerism and dollars. One of a kind jackets that you know would never be found anywhere else used to littler the malls and landscapes. They were colorful, fun, and imaginative. They represented individuality and spoke volumes about its wearer. Pieces and patches were matched and mismatched, fell off and re-attached, traded and collected. It became a culture that like minded people could identify with and offered a creative source and outlet where their wasn't one.
As a designer( I am the designer for The Odd Portrait)I think that this is what we try and accomplish here. The pieces we present are meant to be used not just as how we display them but hopefully sparks that inner individual freedom yearning to claw it's way out from beneath that blouse or suit and tie so many of us are forced to wear day in and day out. Personally I could not wait to rip off my name tag and put a Dead Kennedy's pin in it's place as soon as punch out time came. 

The How To Guide For All Things Rocker Girl

How to rock it rocker style 
This go to badass fashion style is a life saver. It is so easy it's the get up and go go to fashion. What you need for it you probably already have. Check out these rocker babes with killer edgy bold style. You wouldn't miss these gals walking down the street. Now there are many ways to do the whole rocker look and all of its sub genres with tastes of grunge, punk, boho, urban, indie, and glam. Pick your poison and roll with it.
My favorite little goth rocker hottie would be drum roll please Taylor Momsen that's right that blonde chick from Gossip Girl. She has a grungy rocker style with a sometimes goth punk edge. It can be a little younger style and look for a girl or women that is predominantly seen from 16-27 ish but who really cares if you're over that and you love this go for it. Rocker punk is you don't give F#$% be free fashion.
So what do you need? Hopefully nothing and you have it in your closet already if you're a fashion hoarding female like myself. Distressed skinny jeans or grey or black ones, white tee shirt, black jacket if you don't have a leather or faux leather one hell a black fitted blazer or vest will do the trick just fine. Steal your boyfriends or husbands black skinny tie you're good to go. You know have everything you need to pull off the street rock look.

Kate Moss Rock and Roll Style

Another one of my personal favorite rocker gals would be Kate Moss she pulls of the mature sophisticated rocker women look flawlessly. Flattering stylish and edgy while looking completely age appropriate if that's your concern while trying to rock up your personal style. Do not be afraid of the monochromatic black it's slimming flattering and super easy. It gives an elongated effect slenderizing your silhouette.
If you like a splash of color add your favorite scarf. Now these are the perfect staples to have because you can mix and match and change it up. Her color palette goes from dark army green to grey and black, all colors that compliment each and all can work together.  

Kendall Jenner's Rocker Chic Fashion Style

 Kendall Jenner her style is like Kate Moss and Taylor Momsen fashion collision. It is fresh and sophisticated it is the perfect mixture between the other two looks. It is a very relaxed jetsetter rocker style. Effortless but edgy. Stock up on the leather or faux leather moto's white grey black. They are the best rocker staple you could have in your closet. They make your outfit. It takes a simple jean and tee to an elevated bold dimension of  style. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans. You will get your money's worth out of them if you're committed to this fashion look.    

Gwen Stefani Street Rock and Roll Fashion Style

Here we have Gwen Stefani and man she kills it fashion wise! She is a fashion icon that has lasted decades. She does the rocker mom look today and it's perfect. Not only is it both functional and comfortable but it sizzles hot as hell. If you love those mom jeans and can not just bear to part with them, no worries you can still rock it and look badass. Just remember that it is all about what you pair it with. Look to Gwen for some how to ideas on achieving this. She takes all of the classics and adds that rock star glam edge. Break it down piece by piece. Start with the boyfriend mom jean and white tee. Add a black blazer to the ensemble and that's all you need along with some black edgy boots. After the core pieces are in place she spices it up with adding a splash of accessories. This is where you can personalize your rocker look to be exclusively you. This is how you make your fashion impression and set yourself apart in a sea of trends. I think accessories are one of the most personal touches you can add. There is a lot of diversity with many small companies doing some very unique and different edgy things that you can get to set you apart from the herd. It does take some digging, much like a treasure hunter. Finding those niche pieces before they are so commonplace you become cliche wearing them is well worth the time and effort.

Rock and Roll Fashion Footwear

So let's start from the bottom up and give you some great ideas and choices for your own foot rocker look. This is only a small fraction and a minuscule selection of the choices you have out there. The bootie not as in your junk in the trunk but as in your fashion for your tootsies.
Black and grey are the go to color or non color options, heel height is up to you. Here are some of my top rocker ankle bootie pics for ya. You have some casual options and some night out on the town who is that girl options. This will make the difference in your look as shoes are another very expressive fashion touch. You can go bold edgy in your face. Cool simple comfortable chic works as well. If you do the boyfriend mom jean I would recommend and edgy higher heeled boot due to the fact that with the lower crotch of the boyfriend jean it can take some height away. To compensate for that go with a heel it makes everything look a lot more proportioned. The Skinny jean you can put on a pointed flat or low heeled boot whatever your feeling really as skinny jeans work with most anything.  

Rock Apparel Bottoms

Ok we got the footwear covered now on to the more daring coverage part, you can go a couple ways on this you can go pant, skirt, jean hell even a dress why not. 
Find what flatters your body type and what you feel hot and badass in. If you love your legs rock the skirt and dress by all means. If you're not particular fond of your lower hemisphere then try a good old fashioned skinny dark wash jean grey, black, or a distressed. You can even do the bell bottom they are coming back once again. I say yes to all things hippie in fashion. Here are some visual aids to assist with these plentiful rocker bottom options.
Be comfortable be confident let the badassness that is you shine on through.

Rocker Apparel Tops

Now on to the Top. It is really more about the jacket with the whole look, but this is where you can considerably change it from grunge to boho to chic. You can dress it up or down with your top of choice.
Here are some options. One of the absolute must haves is the band tee. Personalize it and pick your favorite band and go with it. Then you also have the basic white tee or tank which is a definite must have. You can pair it with a 3/4 sleeve blazer for a more summery spring chic rocker style.  

The Rocker Purse

Alright don't get mad this will be my brand plug in spot. The whole reason I started this business was due to the fact that there really was not anything out there that I found represented my fashion in purses and accessories so I made my own. I am a designer in Las Vegas Nevada., I started out as an artist and still do a lot of custom paintings. I have had a life long love affair with fashion since age two. So since I could never find exactly what I wanted and what I had in my head for designs and styles I wanted to buy so that led to the creation of The Odd Portrait. It is a fusion of all my style and designs loves. Obviously I am slightly obsessed with fringe so we have a lot of leather fringe bags. Most of the bags can also be worn four ways all the straps are removable and interchangeable. Since some have some rather large spikes for that over the top bad ass rocker feel I figured you may want to take your bag to work but not want to impale your fellow employees so we should have it be detachable. Then if we made it detachable why not add and extra clasps and make it so it can turn into a belt. That way if you do not have jeans on or anything with belt loops you can attach the purse to it. The purse also attaches straight to your belt loops.    
So these are just three of my favorites
  1. The minnelli black leather Fringe Rocker Purse at $180.00 this bad boy is one of a kind and all crafted by hand.
  2.   The Rocker Clutch all leather all crafted by hand one of one at $68.00 super steel  
  3. Last but not least the Crusader Blue Purse all leather it attaches straight to your belt loops so I guess it is like a modern rocker cool fanny pack and it is $50.00

    The End

    So there you have it a little comprehensive How to Guide on Rocker Fashion. Remember to always add you to whatever you wear, fashion is supposed to be fun it is art it is your expression of yourself.
    Be Free to be you.
    Some quotes for you all stay inspired and continue to inspire ......

    “We believed that anything that was worth doing was worth overdoing.”- Steven Tyler - 1990
    'To me, punk is about being an individual and going against the grain and standing up and saying 'This is who I am'.- Joey Ramone 
    'I don't think punk ever really dies, because punk rock attitude can never die.'- Billy Idol 
    'Being in a band you can wear whatever you want - it's like an excuse for Halloween every day.' Gwen Stefani 
    'I have to be creative to be happy.' Gwen Stefani 
    'Without music, life would be a mistake'.- Friedrich Nietzsche