Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Odd Portrait Rock Apparel

About Us

Welcome To The Odd Portrait

We have been designing and creating art and fashion for as long as our imaginations have let us.
The works and creations you see within are all hand-made one of a kind works that we have for so long
just worn ourselves and shared with friends and family.
Our goal was to bring and introduce that to a larger audience as we feel we had a lot more to express.

Rock Apparel Our Way

This fashion project all started from the exhausting searches of malls, boutiques, and speciality on-line stores for those
unique clothing accessories that we longed for that just did not seem to exist anywhere.
So we made our own.
Everything you will find here is 100% authentic in it's design, creation, and materials. No two items are ever exactly the same.
All materials are hand selected then crafted based on how they feel and shape. We take pride in the unique details and
characteristics that are present in the natural contours and construction of the raw material. The small rips, tears, and
what some may characterize as imperfections, we feel tell a story of where the item has come from and what is has in turn become.
The items are not made to look like they rolled off of a factory assembly line or stamped out of a mold and press like thousands of others.
We hope we have made something fascinating and imaginative as possible without appearing generic and ordinary.
A little odd if you will

To Be Free

For the past four years we have been selling and peddling other peoples idea's, creations, and wares across all forms of e-commerce.
Years of playing by their rules, paying their unrealistic selling fee's, we created a home here where we can break that mold to grow and expand.
At the end of the day it became huge item mark-up's and price gouging taking money from your pocket and ours just to line theirs.
Our diverse and eclectic collaboration has been drawn upon and influenced by a myriad of genres and styles. From 80's punk and glam
to 90's grunge and rock n roll. Outdoor music festivals, urban graffiti art, and post apocalyptic dystopian movies have all played their
roles in shaping the within. We really hope this has translated into what you see and we will continue to assault
your fashion senses.