Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 7 favorite Rock and Roll Fashion Looks I Created

Top 7 Favorite Rock and Roll Photo Shoots

1. Rock and Roll with Spikes

Rock and Roll with Spikes
A throwback to when the bigger the better was true with spikes and fashion when attached to leather.

2. The Darker Side of Beauty

The Darker Side of Beauty
Is the mask hiding the beauty or is it the other way around? A little vintage meets rock and roll. Skull Ring

3. Rocker Steampunk Attire

Rocker Steampunk Attire
The Odd Portrait 
Classic Steampunk feel and vibe. Beautiful stitched corset, and custom leather fashion accessories. Ready to take on a post apocalyptic wasteland or rock concert anytime.

4. Bohemian Rockstar

Bohemian Rockstar
Ariana Deats
Boho in the desert. Rock attitude all day long. At peace and one with nature and oneself through fashion.

5. Head Full of Spikes

Head Full of Spikes
Ariana Deats
Rock and Roll Spiked Leather Fashion. Oh and why not throw some skulls in for fun. Spiked Bracelet

6. Industrial Rock Style

Industrial Rock Style
Inspired by 90’s Industrial, steampunk, and leather rock and roll fashion. For festivals, concerts, and burning man

7. Rock Style With Leather and Heels

Rock Style With Leather and Heels
Classic ankle heels, leather statement scarf, and a short black dress. Perfect for outdoor hikes, or indoor mayhem.