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Top Trending Wanted Men's Hats

Hats for men are never going away

Hello faithful reader, back again with another installment on some fashion for men. I decided to take up this project and create this comprehensive list of men's hats trending out there or just flat out look cool. It seems everywhere you look somebody is just trying to sell you something, and how do you get an honest review from somebody who is obviously pandering what they are being paid for . We are not a corporation, but just some indie designers here @ The Odd Portrait who create badass gear and want to share our love of what else is out there. I quit drinking 45 days ago, so to pass the restless time let me share and kick down to you some of the cooler lids I have run across while running about the Las Vegas area. I will be keeping up periodically on anything and everything that come across my way, so think of this as a radio host without a mic, or a DJ without the tables. Actually that is pretty much useless, but I hope you get my drift, and enjoy some of the coolest fashion statements your head can wear.
First order of business is the headwear. I have always worn hats. If I could find some old picture of me as a 6 year old I guarantee you that there was some form of covering up on the dome. Probably the mainstay of my everyday cap was always a NY Yankee hat. Big fan, plus the black always went with everything. Now getting older and losing my natural lions mane of locks and being lazy to fix whats left of it all the time, nothing beats getting ready than tossing on a hat. Not just any old hat, mind you. What you wear up there directly projects itself to whomever you are facing, at all times. It's like the fucking bat signal for what you stand for beaming out of your forehead. A staple and motto for the creed of that which you live your life. And if it is something totally lame it will be a turn off to the females that you may be trying to entertain, or just get no respect from just about anyone else.
Having a cool, new, and well fitting hat all the while being the first kid on the block with it is a great feeling. I'm not being pretentious here, but you see some new brand and style and it looks good on somebody who is with a very hot date, or just around some fun company, you know you are going to go look it up, and see what else they offer and if you can incorporate that into your arsenal. I admit I do. If it works it works and why not have it work on you?

Disclaimer : I am not sponsored, endorsed, or paid for by any of the following in any way shape or form

Snapbacks, Fitted, Mesh, and Beanies oh My

So many styles, so few heads. With such a plethora of head wear, you do want to be well rounded and versatile in your wearing, so you do not always look like Joe Schmo dumpy and frumpy always wearing the same beat down college town bent brim hat. Typical scenario guys, you are off to a party, but nothing too formal, possibly just the buds and a few girls, same in same out. You grab your trusty hat piece which has become as synonymous to your outfit as Captain America's shield is to him. Everybody you are going to meet probably expects you to wear it, heck, it would be a conversation piece if you didn't. Nothings going to change if you do not change first. So why not start with the first thing everybody will see. 
But where to start, what's in, whats out, and more importantly what looks good?
  • Frontwards or backwards it does not really matter
  • Unless you are here illegally please remove all of the tags
  • Mesh style hats are on the rise
  • Trucker hats are still a no go
  • Please avoid anything referring to sex or poop jokes
  • Sports teams are ok only if they match the rest of your outfit
  • That weird half beanie half brim hat cloth thing was fine years ago until Tim Tebow wore it in every picture he took for an entire year it seemed
  • Beanies are fine just make sure it's not the summer time. Nothing is worse than overly trying to look cool when its obvious your sweating your ass off for the sake of it.

Brixton Supply Co

Brixton is one of the hottest and most sought after hat companies currently. Started in 2004, Brixton has a new yet classic feel to all of their apparel lines. Not just limited to hats, they have a full range of men's wear that was influenced and started from their love of music, life, culture, and friends. Very high quality, very stylish and still affordable. Most of their snap backs go for about $28 and hold up very well. 
Not overly saturated as of yet, and they are constantly coming out with new styles and designs. In fact they just released a pretty amazing 2016 summer line with some must haves for the sun this year. 
Brixton hat


This is a very awesome black mesh snapback.
Created from the ground-up around the four elements: wind, water, fire and earth, ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS present us with their “March Mens” snapback cap.
Skate shoes, clothes and hats, they really nailed it with this hat and style. Black, sleek, and stylish, yet subtle with an interesting and distinct logo. Not overly colorful so can go with just about everything and is a daily wearer. This hat came out a few years ago but is a good launching point for you to get into their line. They have many other similar styles but I chose this one since it has been one of my favorites. 
element march hat

ROARK Revival

The artifacts of adventure. Roark Revival. Really cool clothing company. I have been so impressed with everything they have been putting out as it is seriously top notch. Familiar but different. I really hate it when a company has some great ideas and just goes to far with it. The Roark Revival seems to stop just at the right point. Their website is easy to navigate, and photography stunning and beautiful to look at. 
They align their products with their company philosophy of adventure, life, exploration, and freedom. Their products really come alive and their message is definitely fun, inspiring, and soaring for the spirit. From the Himalayas to Saigon and back to the beaches of Southern California, I think they have found a hard to find but comfortable place that relates to so many people all the while still looking great.
Roark hat

Dark Seas Division

Low Tide, Low Life. Dark Seas is a surf clothing company with some killer designs flowing out just like some Huntington Beach waves.
Providing coastal explorers with alternatives to the same, this apparel and clothing line keeps producing style that is a hot and modern take on a loved tradition. Back in the early 80's T&C Surf designs was all the rage, along with Billabong, Quicksilver, and the rest. I kind of look at Dark Seas as possibly being a influential to 2016 as those brands were to 1986. 
Event though they have been around since 2008, they have constantly been producing great wearable hats for men and women that are both eye catching, conversation grabbing, and made extremely well. Here's to hoping to seeing a lot more from these guys in the years to come.
Dark Seas Division


I included this on the list only because when I first saw the hat being worn I was a bit taken back by it. This particular hat really stood out and at first I thought it might have been a Buffalo Bills hat, but we were in Las Vegas. I actually approached the guy and asked him where he had picked it up at. I was blown away at the fact that it was from Patagonia. Now not exactly being one who is on the up and in with the mountain climbing crowd, it was refreshing to see some new fun eye catching styles coming out of a normally plain drab and ordinary style.
Primarily an outdoor brand and active sports wear, they took a look back at what climbers wore up to places like Yosemite and sought to improve upon the basic grey sweatshirts that were commonplace.
Is it a bison or is it a buffalo, I really did not know. But I wanted one and wanted to go hike with it that's for sure. So I went to the store here who carries this brand only to find out that they were all out. There was one with a fish though of the same colors, so I had to go on-line. Which was cool because a brand you could write off for being secular with a specific type is coming out with so much newness. The person who was the owner of the original hat I had seen said that as a hat collector himself it was the one that always struck up the most conversation and attention. I can see why. I am definitely giving this brand another look, and any hot dates I may have that involve outdoor actives with nature this is the one that is going to be my wingman
patagonia bison hat


Thrasher the awesome skate company is still around and going strong. In fact I have seen a resurgence of late in people wearing their jackets and hats. Especially around the Southern California area. Apparel with a bit of an edge, it is a throwback for some of us older skaters, and fresh for a newer generation as well. 
Thrasher skate magazine was a must read in the community back in the 80s with some really cool drawing and illustrations. Very glad to see they could change with the times but stay so close to their roots. When my mesh snap back came in the mail it inspired me to dust off the old Tony Hawk board and take it for a ride. The old OJ wheels and German bearings still rolled smooth, and I could still ollie. A kick-flip was out of the question, but nonetheless glad to have had such a meaningful hat while doing it.
thrasher hat


It looks like Neff just signed up the rapper Future and is working side by side with him on a new direction and style. Future comes from the Dirty of Atlanta and is on just about every hip hop playlist at the moment. He gained some notoriety back in July when his free concert showing at The House of Blues in Hollywood California got shut down due to the massive amounts of people showing up. 
            " I decided to work with Neff because I believe we share similar mindsets. My music just like Neff's clothing cannot be confined. The collaboration is definitely going to push culture, spark creativity, and stand out among the rest " - Future 
Tee shirts shorts and hats abound from this outdoor extreme sports branded company. Neff has some very hip, yet somewhat youthful designs. Very colorful and always attention grabbing. If you are into snowboarding, skating, surfing, or anything of the sorts this may be the style you are looking for. I find their products very sturdy and well made, with a pretty killer little kids line to boot.
neff hat


Supreme is out of New York, and constantly sold out. Their flagship store was founded 1994 by loved by skate enthusiasts. You can still find a line outside waiting eagerly for the doors to open when new products and styles arrive. Just go to their website Supreme New York and check it out yourself. Even some of the more popular out of print styles fetch a commanding price on secondhand markets online. 
Located in Manhattan , on Lafayette street, gangs of rebellious youth skaters became their artists and staff. Crew and customers alike. Not just limiting their influence from the skate community but music and hip hop played an integral
role in their development as well and became a cultural mecca for like minded individuals. Over 21 years and still going strong.
supreme hat


10.Deep is an energy from New York's sub-culture of music, skate, and life. 
Founded in 1995 by Scott Sasso, they are still coming out with hot and relevant styles for men. Some of their hats I have seen floating around as of late which promoted me to give another look at this company I had had lost off of my radar for quite some time. Their name comes from the reference of the ten fingers on ones hands, and the strength and independence that flows from that. A proto-street style that is still evolving and connecting.
10 deep hat

This List Is Far From Over But Done For Now

Hopefully I gave you gents out there some pretty good idea's and direction with a little bit of interesting history thrown in there. Yes there are so many more styles of hats that just could not make it, but I plan on keeping this up so keep checking us out and I will try and cover a few more bases next time, and keep throwing out there what I hope works and helps out with your style and fashion. Yes some of this is old hat ( hah see the pun there ) based on where you may live, as I do not walk the streets of NY everyday and can only write and report about what I see out here in Las Vegas, but being such a transient city, we do get quite a good influence from around the globe. 
Questions, comments, or design hats yourself and mad you are not included?
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