Sunday, May 1, 2016

Re-Purposed Fashion and Style With a Purpose


Going The Way Of Re-Purposed Goods

Peace Bitch Leather Re-purposed Cuff

Going From Granola To Mainstream

I am so stinking excited about this. I used to be so granola and such a tree huger. Yes a  vegan crystal stick wearing hippie, till I went all mainstream. Having turned on my own cause nearly 10 years ago I have always stayed true to being an off and on vegan, strict vegetarian, and huge animals rights lover. All of which are still very dear to my heart I just happened to fall in love with leather. Its perplexing how this once forbidden material inspires me to the never ending tidal wave of creation. Spontaneous new ideas just keep crashing in and flooding my brain day and night. Looking around my work space I figured I needed to do something more than than re-using the same reusable water bottle and shopping with reusable bags. My contributions to the cause just wasn't cutting it anymore. The amount of trash my little family of 3 produces is alarming not to mention adding a business in the mix. My disgust by my own wastefulness sparked off an alarm.

Re-purposing Is Good

Yes I am an ass hole who has a Kroger coffee cup thing which plagues my conscience everyday I use it, but I still use it. At one point I had the brilliant idea of saving all the cups to use in this dragon scale like all white 3 D art piece. Which I still think is a good idea but in a stress fit of this house must be organized, I had a Nazi moment of "We vill have das mehr order!"  (Said in German goosestepping fuher like accent) and threw out the couple hundred that were becoming their own new gelatinous cube of mass hoarding. I exhaust myself with ideas of well meaning and find I rarely execute them which makes be an even bigger ass hole because I have the consciousness to know better and still don't. So in a small effort probably more to ease my own conscience than any actual environment good. 
Ok back on track and topic, like I was trying to say, in a small attempt anyways, and hopefully the first of many much bigger ones to come. We are launching re-purposed goods to be an integral part of our website. Cuffs and purse straps will for the majority be crafted out of vintage belts and if I can find leather guitar straps. Woot woot re-purposing is good.

Are you can make art and stuff from K Cups which can make you less of an environmental ass hole . I will be saving them once again.

Nature Loveing Hippie

Love The Mother Earth

I love the earth, frolicking and climbing in the woods, and walling in nature and all the beauty that surrounds. Definitely on my top 5 list of most pleasurable and rewarding things to. 
Prior to my child hiking in the red rock mountains of Las Vegas and Mt. Charleston where a weekly must. Now I am lucky to ever get out but my son is older so we can pick it back up soon I hope. Now it did work for a while when the little guy would fit in that back pack carry thing. A quick strap and the little ten pound bundle of bouncing baby was right up there and it was time to have at it. For some reason when two years of age hit and he was not having any of it at all. It all could have been because he remembered the time I fell with him back there yup that might have done it. He was fine just scared I on the other hand fared a scraped knee.... Now this is a very weird place to add (no not really the whole spacing of links and text thing is why it is going here, google loves lots of content and links spaced accordingly, that is why I ramble tend to ramble off topic, but lets call it content for the sake of argument here. Google is the dictator and I her little helpless b#$%^, I bow in the algorithm that is she hoping upon endless hope of her satisfaction of my doings and thus receive the glories of rewards by her mighty and powerful hand. Half truth here, the other half most likely being I am weird and its all being floating around somewhere so why not spew it out here. If you like all this oddness and just want more but with amazing visuals tumble down the rabbit hole with us on Instagram for more madly odd wonderment. 

I want be like the tree hugging fairy Crystal from FernGully

Love Mother Earth

With Our Powers Combined

The small things in life always have a tendency to add up and if more people are proactive and do them, bam there you go some problems may be considerably lessened. Being in Las Vegas the amount of waste and recyclable goodness from water bottles we no doubt go through here on our daily droughts has to be on the astonishingly massive size. Reusing said water bottle a couple of times or being really awesome and using strictly reusable one's is a good start. These are fairly easy consciousness choices we can make as well that are not too life changing. I mean come on I think there was a chic who limited her trash to one mason jar a month or something like that. That is fairly epic in my opinion. 
Reusable grocery bags which I myself forget even though they are always ready to go in the back of our car. I bet if for 30 days I made an effort to use them for everything each and every single trip to the store I could ingrain it and imprint it on mind so as never to forget. With our powers combined. Captain Planet anyone, seriously still one of my old school favorites, Earth, Power, Wind, Water with all these forces combined...... I can't remember the rest and I really do not have any desire to google it for this blog look I use k cups what did you expect....
Business wise I do fair a lot better I actual save every single zip lock small bag of everything ever purchased and reuse it in shipping! Yay I know go me I am saving the world here with my new and exciting revelations. No not really but it is like I said a single giant forwarded. 
If I was really well meaning I would have probably used cloth diapers but my aversion to smelly human baby poo prevented that. Imagine that? Using the same diaper for three years. Or wearing it for that matter. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

Let Our Powers Combine

Drum Roll Please

Did you make it this far? Are you still with me? So with all that said I officially present to you The Odd Portrait New Leather Cuffs........ Here these bad boys are in all their leathery glory all boho hippie rocker and one bad ass punk sibling thrown in the mix. These are crafted from vintage and used belts. Yes putting the R in Re-purposed. I far too often get giddy about things especially my own creations and I am positive this may not be an entirely new innovative concept, as with everything somebody I am sure may have conceived this at some previous point in time. I am never one to sit and scour the internet endlessly searching for others ideas and creations as most of my day and time is consisted of actually creating by hand all of these trinkets and doo-dads. It is my version which will no doubt be different that others if they are in fact doing this as well. The whole being odd thing and not crafting within a strict set of structure and guidelines does lend a helping hand greatly in this. So with that said I will be doing a DIY segment on this for all the DIYers out there. What we have here is all available for sale obviously but I would love to encourage the arts and inspire creativeness in others as well. I think it helps center us as  individuals. Plus it is not rocket science I mean it is not building colonies on mars here. Unless you could do them out of leather, that would kick ass. And you would look pretty stylish too in case you met some hot martian up there. Those nights sure do get cold I understand. So stay tuned if you are at all interested. I have no clue if anyone even reads all this stuff, the ramblings of a mad women and her creations. Ari out.

Peace Hand Sign Cuff

Leather & Tourmaline Cuff

Rivet Around It Teal Cuff

Painted Leather Black Belt Cuff

Unisex Punk Bullet Leather Cuff

Infinity Leather Cuff

Brown Jeweled Leather Cuff

Sky Vodka Bead Leather Cuff