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Trending fashion styles and looks for women in 2016

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Hot Trendy Looks For 2016

My Top 5 Brands For Summer 2016

Being a designer I am a huge fashion lover and mass clothing hoarder. I live to collect clothing. Fashion is the armor the take on ever day life. It gives us the confidence to do extraordinary things. When I look good I feel good. Expressing your identity without saying a word is bold and powerful. What does your fashion say about you. Are funny and flirty. Free spirited ? Do you love music do your rock out hard. Are you a hippie at heart? All these things can be said about you by just what you choose to put on in the morning before venturing out to you days activity's. It can also express our every mood. Unfortunately our clothing can be the first impression that one has of us. Although I do not agree with it it is how the majority of peoples minds work. What first impression are we giving and do we even really care as long as its not a first date meeting of the parents or a job interview who the hell cares what that first impression. Personal I say be free wear what you want what you like. Here are some awesome things and brands that you may or may have not heard of yet, but they have some great stuff.
Some top picks from each brand that have some absolutely wonderful fashion offerings that are no doubt going to satisfy your fashion thirst for an outfit.
The brands are
Selfie Leslie
Lip Service
One Teaspoon  


Nightwalker is an all killer no filler fashion label. They create clothes you will enjoy wearing and that will bring out your inner super hero.
Their moto " Life is serious, Your clothes do not have to be"
Such an awesome brand with a great mantra. It has an edgy modern future rocker look and  feel to there effortless designs. I love brands that have fun with fashion and find a unique avenue of expressing that. This is super hero fashion. Bring out your inner bad ass with there looks. Here are some of their designs and clothing.  
  1. Is the Element Jumpsuit for $140
  2. Bait & Switch Mini Original $80 but on sale now for $50
  3.  Saloon Skirt $180
nightwalker clothing

Raga Clothing Brand

Raga was founded by the Chaudry family in 2012. It is a modern Bohemian brand. There use of pattern and there cut has effortlessly flowing free spirit style. The use of vintage looking rage patterns cut and fashioned with modern designs gives this brand a very different look. This is the ultimate brand for the boho hippie chic free spirit gal. 
  1. Golden Meadow Top $163
  2. Down The River Wrap Dress $162
  3. Fairy Dust Cut Out Maxi Dress $106

Selfie Leslie

Established in 2012, Selfie Leslie is an Australian based group of creative designers who create beautiful, unique and affordable pieces for women. Starting out, Selfie Leslie dreamt of becoming the number one women's fashion wholesaler in Australia. Now that they accomplished that in 2015 they launched in the US.
They have a very modern sexy flirty vibe, with little splash of boho. A very on trend brand with a plethora of looks for any of us fashion hording loving females. The great thing about there designs is you add your either rocker or boho edge to almost any of the clothing depending on how you choose to accessorize it.
1. Taya Maxi Dress $75
2. Nella Mini Dress $69
3. Armin Maxi dress $75
1. Helena Mini Grey Dress $65
2. Dewill Black Dress $69
3. Grisha Khaki Dress $75

Lip Service Clothing Brand

Lip Service 
"We've got a team in our warehouse comprised of a bunch of misfits who are still punk rock "kids" at heart. We all work as a family and contribute in our own idiosyncratic ways to make Lip Service® a super unique brand for individuals and independent thinkers! We take pride in doing everything ourselves, from the designs to the photo shoots, the marketing to the website, and we never forget our influences of raucous music and a hardcore attitude! We're selling to boutiques all around the globe so that we can influence others with our unique, one-of-a-kind styles no matter where they are or where they shop! Oh, and even though our styles nowadays run the gamut from the vinyl and strapped down Fetish Classics' to the soft and worn in Blacklist', it's still signature Lip Service® and always will be!"
They are working on getting a website up currently. One of the better known punk brands out there. They can go to the extreme trashy side of punk but also have the cult basics and classic with a bad ass edge. Personal the main thing I shop from them for is their jackets. They are seriously unrivaled. Even my husband was jealous of my buys from them. They also have some fucking killer Post Apocalyptic clothing. If you are doing any festival type stuff and have a fairly broad budget you will want to take a peek. Since they do not yet have a website there are various online spots to buy. I bought both my jackets on eBay and will be buying my third this week. Here are the 3 amazing jackets I have. I now it summer but I could not pass up these bad boys. This is heat stroke worthy fashion at its best. 

My Ebay Lip Service Jacket Finds

Lip service Leather Bell Pant Click on Picture to View Them

One Teaspoon Clothing Brand

I have nothing but, Love love and more love for this clothing brand.  JAMIE BLAKEY, The FOUNDER/CREATIVE DIRECTOR of One Teaspoon seems to be one heck of a gal. Staying true to her and her brands identity and consistently turning out  kick ass awesome laid back rocker fashion. She knows her customer she who they are and what they want. From Fergie to Beyonce' wearing her designs she has built a fashion empire. A women after my own heart this is how she describes her brand-" Our collections are damn big and diverse. I guess industry folk would call it "high-end street" or “contemporary” but I don’t like to pigeonhole what we do because I feel we offer something for everyone. The best description of the label I could provide actually came to me in a letter from a fan of the brand that said One Teaspoon was “FANTASTICALLY REBELLIOUS, SEX-INFUSED OLD SCHOOL ROCK & ROLL GLAMOUR”. Ha! I like that.- Jamie Blakey
Laid back rebel wear fashion. Known for their denim offerings but having o so much more. Check out these from ther collection up now on their site.
  1. Leather Cadillac Skirt $227
  2. Sweet Haze Wrap Dress $136
  3. Black Bird Loft Pant  $126
One Teaspoon Clothing Click Picture To Shop Site

Thanks for reading hope you found some killer new fashion trends styles and finds !

- Ariana Deats @ Theoddportrai