Friday, January 6, 2017

The Purple Hair Don't Care. Since I have an aversion to sitting still, salon chairs are like my kryptonite. I am a mom, business owner and a creative energizer bunny that just can not stop. So how does one with my schedule get the purple hair dream? Well, it took 3 days of staying indoors and a whole lot of bleach as well as some great gals from sally beauty to help. The first step was to off course bleach the dark brown box hair dye from my hair. Which was no small task to say the least. Brassy hair is hard to pull off, and let/s just say it was not doing me any favors. This process involved a lot of trips to Sally's and a lot of beanies to hide my hair.
First: tip buy a lot of bleach all at once and a lot of argon conditioner, it saves the humiliating trips to the store while undergoing the process.
Things you need:

1. Hair dye tint brush

2. Hair dye bowl

3. Gloves

4. Patience 

5. Argon deep conditioner 

6. Absolute Perfect Booster by Ion it is like Omniplex, but way cheaper and accessible, it saves her hair from bleach damage.  Add to your lighter or hair color.

7. Hair Dye I used Argon. I mixed two colors the pale lilac and the purple. I did not want to bleach my hair to much and risk damage so I added the darker purple so my hair would take. 

8. Bleach powder 

9. 40 Developer and a 30 or 20 on hand as well 

 After each bleaching process, which was mixing the bleach powder packet to the 40 developer and waiting around 40 minutes, rinse wash and add your deep conditioner a lot and leave it in for as long as possible. Around 30-40 minutes or longer. Then rinse and air dry your hair add a tiny amount of coconut oil. I did this 4 times. Do not blow dry or use any heat on your hair. Once you have reached as close as you dare to platinum blonde then you can use the dye. The argon oil hair dye does not require any developer. 
I mixed one whole tub of the pale lavender and half of the dark purple which now knowing all that I know I would have used less of the darker purple. For the next couple of weeks try not to use any heat on your hair and do a pot of deep conditioning treatments as well as leaving some coconut oil in your hair before washing. Every time you bath you will leave purple water behind. I still have purple coming out every time I wash my hair. Just so you know. For your root outgrowth in between your next bleaching because yes you have to bleach your roots unless you are natural platinum blonde before you dye it again or it will not take, glitter it up have fun you do after all have purple hair and don't care.      

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