Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fashion Tap The New Style App Shop Review


Fashion Tap Could Be The Greatest Style App Around

Fashion Tap And Why It's Different ( And Better ! )

With the recent airing of this app on shark tank it has gained a lot of presence in the fashion community. Fashion bloggers, designer, retailers and fashion loving people unite on this great platform. 
It is shopping made easy for buyers, and a wonderful asset to brands and start up designers to showcase their work with the convenience of a link that directs the buyer straight to where they can purchase the item.
As a designer of The Odd Portrait this app has been a Godsend. It is easy to use, navigate and learn the semantics of. Plus you can easily with the click of a button upload your content from Instagram.
The wave of the future is already shifting more towards online eCommerce which has enabled many who have not had the financial backing to open a brick and mortar gain a foothold in the industry and could do so for a fraction of the start up cost. Now as any online shop knows if they are not a well known brand driving traffic and having search visibility takes, if you are not dumping boatloads of cash into marketing and ads that may or may not be successful, a tremendous amount of time and even more researcher. It is not the easiest task in world to just jump into and can get frustrating and complicated. The rise of apps like Fashion Tap funnels everyone together and creates what I guess you could say is the adage it, takes a village. It gives us a chance to be seen and reach a larger targeted group of people. Ones who are hopefully willing to buy what they see and enjoy.

Why Fashion Tap is Better

One may ask why would I need fashion tap when I have Instagram or any one of the other countless up and coming platforms. Instagram is over saturated and becomes harder to grow organically everyday. More features help as well, as fashion tap has the ablity to link direct to your product or website. Let's face it people need this easy quick access to a one stop emerging designer shop. It is perfect for our instant gratification society. Copy and pasting takes too much time and people are not as apt to that as they would to just click and go. Plus this is targeted to the fashion loving community appealing to groups ranging from models, photographers, bloggers, brands and designers. It feels fresh and still relatively new so get in now. Getting in on a new app before it explodes to the gigantic portions like this one surely attain is a good idea as you can grow with the community every step of the way. For shoppers it is fashion made easy, its like having your own group of professional stylist and personal shoppers. They are making it beyond easy on you. Not only are yo getting stylizing of an outfit and then showing you where to buy you are just a click away from your hot new look. You will have many options of styles and style influences to choose from, you will find the perfect match for you fashion taste. Having trouble keeping up with the trends this app is there to help with that. I myself beat to my own fashion drum but I like to know whats going on there may be something new I may like and I am not opposed to wearing or buying even if it is latest trend. Another really awesome thing about this app and a huge draw is :
Make money while having fun
Everyone can make money by tagging products with links directly to their stores or by using affiliate programs (FashionTap does not take a cut of your commission so you receive 100% commissions). You're incentive is to share not only who makes that cool dress, shoes, bracelet, etc., but also where to buy it. You will be able to support the brands you love not just by your likes and follows but when you purchase products from their photos.

Amy Roiland A

Amy Roiland Designer CEO Of Fashion Tap

Yet another reason to jump on board is to get behind and support this amazing gal. Amy Roiland is a the fashion blogger for and is the Fashionerd. She has a unique take on style and is gorgeous to boot. I love her vintage feel with a modern splash, a tough balancing act to pull off so effortlessly. It is classic, fun and fresh all at the same time. She has some free spirit fashion which shows a love for life and just an all around happy spirited individual. Her looks have a playful side with a sophisticated edge, and delving into and reading her works and blog, is quite the inspirational and captivating entrepreneur along with it.

Her Story

Ms. Roiland was working PR at a clothing company, where one day the task arose to challenge her with finding several bloggers in different cities to send clothes to for marketing.
"It was incredibly difficult to locate bloggers. There was no way to search for bloggers by location or to search for top bloggers in general.”
Why hadn't anybody built an IMDB for the fashion world? Suddenly an idea was born.
The next day Amy was on Zara's website. She had spent 20 minutes searching for a pair of shoes she spotted on another blogger's Instagram.
Amy asked the girl "where did you get those shoes?" The question was met with a typical brief answer "Zara".
There seemed to be a void at the intersection of tech and fashion. As Amy started to think of different ways to solve these problems, the idea began to consume her.

Amy Roiland CEO Designer Of FashionTap

Fashion Tap Links Direct to Your Product

Amy quit her job and assembled a bold team of entrepreneurs and developers who shared in her vision.
Over the next six months FashionTap worked tirelessly to build the world's first fashion social network that empowers users to shop the products they see in each post. Brands, boutiques and designers can search for bloggers, models and other influencers by location to work with them.
Today FashionTap has grown to a team of ten and the FashionTap community, available for free download in the iOS app store, has grown to tens of thousands of users.
Users discover, share and purchase thousands of style and beauty products each day. Top influencers are finding and connecting with brands, retailers and PR firms in cities all over the world, and vice versa.

Love This Gal

I love this gal. She has worked every aspect of the fashion business and industry. She knows it inside and out. We needed a platform to connect us all together. With so many different takes on fashion with so much inspiration it is truly great to get to see it all together in one easy user friendly app. You do not want to miss out on this one for sure. Supporting the fashion community and others with a like minded love and passion for it. As well as having access to our local community that we can work with the possibility are endless, yes here it is again "With Our Powers Combined"..........
If you are wondering how to gain a more in depth navigation on the in's and out's of how Fashion Tap works check out this blog by Blogger Babes They give a step by step guide so you can Fashion Tap your hearts out... 
Supporting a female CEO in the tech area of the world is a great thing. We hope to see more of what Amy does. She is an inspiration and a great roll model something and someone we have needed. 
We could not be more excited and happy about this app and love using it. We can not wait to see the growth and the explosion of this platform which is happening super fast. Hope to see you all there.
Ariana Deats
The Odd Portrait